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I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at Queens College in the City University of New York. My specialties include the sociologies of media, marketing, personal finance, organizations, economic markets, and quantitative analysis. I am a faculty member in Queens College‚Äôs Program in Data Analytics & Applied Social Research and serve as co-Director of the Queens Podcast Lab.

This website serves as a catalog and repository of my content creation, and a platform for communicating with students and those who share my research, development, or creative interests.

Recent Posts

  • Fangraphs Seasonal Pitching Data, 2000 – 2019

    Seasonal MLB Pitching Data for 2000 – 2019 Continue reading

  • Fangraphs Seasonal Batting Data, 2000 – 2019

    Seasonal MLB Batting Data, 2000 – 2019 Continue reading

  • An Introduction to Longitudinal Analysis

    An introduction to the analysis of longitudinal data. Continue reading

Recent Additions to the Podcast Archive

  • Antivaccine Movements (Carpiano and Reich)

    We discuss the antivaccine movement with Jennifer Reich and Richard Carpiano. Continue reading

  • Creativity (Hannah Wohl)

    A discussion about creativity and the fine visual arts business. Continue reading

  • Celebrity (Kerry O. Ferris)

    A discussion about the sociology of celebrity and fame. Continue reading

Recent Additions to the Video Archive

  • Creating New Variables in Stata

    How to create new variables in the statistical analysis program Stata. Continue reading

  • Using Stata Codebook

    Video tutorial on using the codebook function in Stata. Continue reading

  • Quick Scatterplots in Stata

    How to create quick scatterplots in Stata. Continue reading

Current Projects

Podcasting & Web 2.0

Data Analytics

Sociology & New Media

Past Projects

Personal Finance (2017)

Neoliberalism (2010)

Online Teaching (2012)

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