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The Bosnian War (Adis Maksic)

Annex Sociology Podcast
Annex Sociology Podcast
The Bosnian War (Adis Maksic)

For our Thanksgiving episode, we have a special treat: two outstanding scholars of ethnic politics and genocide discuss the Bosnian War.

Adis Maksic is an Assistant Professor at International Burch University in Sarajevo. He published Ethnic Mobilization, Violence, and the Politics of Affect: The Serb Democratic Party and the Bosnian War (Palgrave). Not only is Adis an expert on the Bosnian War, but he experienced these events firsthand as a youth in Sarajevo.

Aliza Luft is an Assistant Professor at UCLA. She was featured in previous episodes of The Annex, and published “Toward a Dynamic Theory of Action at the Micro-Level of Genocide: Killing, Desistance, and Saving in 1994 Rwanda” in Sociological Theory.

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