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Queens College Courses in Content Creation

These courses might not be available every semester. For more information about these courses, contact their sponsoring departments. A link to these departments is given at the bottom of this page.

Basic Concepts

  • SOC 240: Content Creation & Creative Entrepreneurship (Joseph Cohen). This is a survey that course that tries to cover various parts of the content creation field. Note that there are multiple courses with the code SOC 240, and only Prof. Joseph Cohen’s section in Fall 2022 covers these topics.

Writing & Digital Publishing

  • ENGL 210W. Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 211W. Introduction to Writing Nonfiction
  • ARTS 187. Graphic Novel
  • ARTS 192. Storyboarding & Storytelling
  • ARTS 248. Book Design and Production
  • CMLIT 336. Forms of Fiction
  • CMLIT 341. Life Writing
  • JOUR 101W. Introduction to News Reporting
  • JOUR 201. Digital Journalism
  • JOUR 202. Visual Storytelling
  • MEDST 245. Screenwriting
  • MEDST 246. Art of the Adaptation

Direction & Production

  • MEDST 200. Principles of Sound and Image
  • MEDST 241. Multimedia
  • MEDST 255. Social Media
  • MEDST 314. Directing
  • MEDST 316. Commercial Production
  • MEDST 317. Advanced Post Production


  • ARTS 157: Digital Moviemaking
  • ARTS 207. Introduction to Video Editing
  • DRAM 111. Introduction to Theater Design.
  • MEDST 240. Styles of Cinema
  • MEDST 243. Introduction to Filmmaking
  • MEDST 265. Producing Independent Movies
  • MEDST 310. Documentary Filmmaking
  • MEDST 318. Cinematography

Visual Art and Design

  • ARTH 264. History of Graphic Art
  • ARTS 190. Design Foundations
  • ARTS 191. Basic Software for Design
  • ARTS 244. Color
  • ARTS 250. Design Thinking
  • PHOTO 165. DIgital Photography
  • ARTS 195. Photoshop Basics
  • ARTS 188. Illustration
  • ARTS 211. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • ARTS 257. Digital Illustration


  • MEDST 313. Creative Sound Production
  • MEDST 330. The Music Industry
  • MUSIC 314. Recording Studio Fundamentals
  • MUSIC 318. Digital Recording I

Web, Games, and Apps

  • ARTS 214. Web Design.
  • CSCI 081. Introduction to Web Programming.
  • CSCI 082. Multimedia Fundamentals and Applications
  • ARTS 172. Games Design
  • ARTS 263. App Design


  • DRAM 100. Introduction to Acting
  • DRAM 150. Introduction to Dance
  • MEDST 151. Public Speaking
  • MEDST 249. Media Performance
  • MEDST 257. Nonverbal Communication

Enterprise Management

  • BALA 200. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • CSCI 088. Advanced Productivity Tools for Business.
  • MEDST 250. Introduction to Media Law
  • MEDST 264. Business of Media
  • PSYCH 226. Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • PYSCH 362. Organization Performance Management
  • SOC 224. Complex Organizations

Audience Engagement, Marketing and Promotion

  • BALA 398. Principles of Marketing
  • DATA 334. Social Research Methods
  • BUS 334. Marketing Research
  • MEDST 222. Introduction to Public Relations
  • MEDST 260. Advertising and Marketing
  • MEDST 364. Advertising, Consumption, and Culture

Focus on Audience Groups

  • AFST 202. Introduction to Black Cultures
  • AMST 110. Introduction to American Society
  • ANTH 104. Language, Culture & Society
  • ANTH 222. Sex, Gender & Culture
  • LALS 201. Contemporary Society and Film in Latin America
  • MEDST 225. Ethnicity in American Media
  • MEDST 259. Intercultural Communication
  • URBST 113. Urban Subcultures and Lifestyles
  • WGS 101. Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • WGS 104. Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

Deep Dives

  • SOC 103. Sociology of Life in the United States
  • SOC 216. Social Psychology
  • AMST 212. Popular Arts in America
  • ANTH 232. Photography and the Visual World
  • ANTH 285. Sociolinguistics
  • ANTH 332. Anthropology of Memory
  • ARTH 255. Late Modern and Contemporary Art
  • ARTH 256. Contemporary Art Practices
  • CMLIT 337. Archetypes
  • ENGL 170W. Introduction to Literary Study
  • ENGL 371. Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Drama and Performance
  • ENGL 390. Comedy and Satire
  • LCD 105. Introduction to Psycholinguistics
  • LCD 110. Phonetics
  • MEDST 100. Media Technologies from Gutenberg to the Internet
  • MEDST 101. The Contemporary Media.
  • MEDST 103. Interpersonal Communications.
  • MEDST 110. Political Communications
  • MEDST 145. History of Broadcasting
  • MEDST 211. Introduction to Sports Television
  • MEDST 257. Nonverbal Communication
  • MEDST 262. Political Economy of Media
  • PSYCH 231. Psychology of Human Motivation
  • PSYCH 217. Life-Span Developmental Psychology
  • PSYCH 334. Development of Perception and Cognition
  • SOC 218. Mass Communication and Popular Culture

More Information from Departments. At Queens College, courses are run by their sponsoring departments. For questions about individual classes, we recommend visiting department websites or contacting department personnel:

Creativity (Hannah Wohl)

Annex Sociology Podcast
Annex Sociology Podcast
Creativity (Hannah Wohl)

The Annex is back for its tenth semester. In this episode, we meet with Hannah Wohl (University of California, Santa Barbara) to discuss her book on creativity and cultural production, Bound by Creativity: How Contemporary Art is Judged (University of Chicago Press).

Photo Credit. By Jami430 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=84671213

Celebrity (Kerry O. Ferris)

Annex Sociology Podcast
Annex Sociology Podcast
Celebrity (Kerry O. Ferris)

This week, The Annex discusses the sociology of celebrity with Kerry O. Ferris from Northern Illinois University. We discuss the nature of celebrity, how it is acquired, and how it can be used. Ferris is the author of Stargazing: Celebrity, Fame, and Social Interaction (2011, Routledge) and “The Sociology of Celebrity” in Sociology Compass.

Photo Credit. By Witchblue.Original uploader was Witchblue at it.wikipedia – Transferred from it.wikipedia(Original text : Witchblue), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16294603

Annex Hosting Guide

This post distributes the first edition of our Annex Sociology Podcast Hosting Guide. The purpose of this guide was to help possible collaborators who wanted to try hosting the Annex Sociology Podcast. A newer, more general version is in development.

World of YouTube

Annex Sociology Podcast
Annex Sociology Podcast
World of YouTube

In this episode of The Annex, we sit down with Michael Siciliano of Queen’s University (Canada). Michael is currently working on a book for Columbia University Press about YouTubers, tentatively titled Creative Control: Platforms, Labor Relations, and the Aesthetics of Precarious Work. We talk about YouTube, content creation, and media.

This episode is hosted by Joseph Nathan Cohen (City University of New York, Queens College) and Gabriel Rossman (UCLA)

Photo Credits

By YouTube/Google – Unknown, Public Domain, Link

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